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We Love Italian Food

Its the the trend at the moment and we can but follow this trend....or even precede it:  „natural local products“.
This definition is a guarantee: genuine and certified food from our region,  transport diminishes pollution considerably,  as well as being certain that these organisms are not genetically modified.

Authenticity and quality are therefore imperative: in a certain sense we must acknowledge that we are privileged. Our territory is so rich in excellent raw materials, especially well known and often DOP, which allows us to start with an edge over.

Our Chef, moreover, personally chooses and selects the raw material.

We also pay high attention to any alimentary intolerances which are becoming increasingly widespread and have to be dealt with competently and sensitively; all the more reason to use products of a high qualitative standard.

One of the fundamental characteristics of this alimentary trend is obviously the use of seasonal products, so practically straight from the vegetable  garden to the table in the case of fruit and vegetables.